Former U.S. House Speaker: Dennis Hastert Reports to Prison

Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert will be reporting to Rochester Federal Medical Center Prison today. As you may recall, he was accused of sexually abusing at least 4 boys while he was a coach at Yorkville High School 1965-1981.

Although he was not charged with those crimes due to the statute of limitations having long run out, he was instead charged with violating bank laws and paying hush-money to one of his victims.

Hastert was part of the movement to impeach President Bill Clinton in 1998 after revelations of his sexual indiscretions culmination in the White House.

The Rochester Prison Medical facility was recommended by Judge Thomas Durbin due to Mr. Hastert’s past illnesses and current failing health. The Judge also pointed out that since the Rochester facility has a high population of child molesters, Hastert would less likely become the victim of attacks by other inmates who view child molesters as the lowest of low in the prison hierarchy. The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) does have final say on placement of prisoners and apparently went along with the judge’s recommendation.

Hastert must serve at least 85% of his 15 month sentence in prison, pay a $250,000 fine and have 2 years supervised release  along with sex offender treatment.  Whether or not Mr. Hastert will be on the sex offender registry, remains unclear to me.  In all my searches of news articles I have only found one where it indicated he would be on the registry as part of his sentence.

How many of our loved ones were actually placed in the facility recommended by the judge or attorney at sentencing?

How many judges were concerned with the safety of our loved ones within the prison walls?

How many of our loved ones got only 2 years supervision?

How many of them must register as a sex offender?

Seems to be another case of wealth and privilege getting a better deal than the rest of us.


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