One Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words!

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According to one Missouri resident, the county has apparently made a few changes to their SO Registration policies.

One of the changes is where one registers, it used to be at the jail, behind closed, locked doors and now it’s in the open public lobby of the sheriff’s office within sight and earshot of everyone and anyone. The hours to register used to be 24/7, any day, but that’s been changed to require an appointment well in advance and only Mon-Fri between the hours of 8AM-3PM. 

But this, this is the part I find sad, demeaning, humiliating and shameful. (But keep reading, I have an idea…)

When a registrant went in to register, he was wearing a business suit.

And he was questioned as to WHY he was wearing a suit !

He answered the question honestly, “I like to look good and I wear a business suit about 1/2 the time in my business.”

When he inquired as to what the problem was with his attire, he was told that “we like to see registrants dressed the way people see them on a daily basis.”

His reply “Well, here it is.”

Not surprisingly, the sheriff’s office didn’t take just one photo of the registrant that day, but several.

Was the sheriff’s office attempting to “shame” this registrant because he took pride in his appearance?

They surely seemed to imply that a registrant should have no business wearing a business suit for heaven’s sake. They probably had difficulty believing a registrant even had a business to go to ! 

Aren’t all registrants stereotyped as seedy, sketchy looking creeps, with disheveled hair, wearing ill-fitting, dirty t-shirts and soiled, wrinkled, baggy trousers.  Aren’t all registrants jobless and too indigent to even own a nice looking business suit?  Don’t they all spend their days driving around in unmarked white vans with tinted windows, following unsuspecting children and trying to entice them in to helping finding non-existent lost puppies.?

That’s the picture the police have in their mind of a registrant. That’s the picture they want the public to see on the registry! 

They want and expect you to “look the part when you get your picture taken.

If John Q. Public sees photos on the registry of registrants in business suits, what will they think? “These can’t be sex offenders, they’re in business suits, nicely dressed, they look just like the rest of us!”

And here’s where my idea comes in…..

Everyone, dress well for that registry photo.

You don’t necessarily need a suit, but dress nicely, be well groomed, take pride in your appearance.

Don’t let anyone shame you into believing that you are less than you are or that your photo needs to reflect some fictional television stereotype sex offender.

If a photo’s worth a thousand words, let this one photo show the world that you are worthy and proud and that you will not be shamed!

The opinions expressed within posts and comments are solely those of each author, and are not necessarily those of Women Against Registry.

2 comments for “One Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words!

  1. Fred Doe
    September 21, 2017 at 11:50 am

    Interesting point. I have noticed that some years they insist on a photo and say it is not optional. Other years they just skip it entirely. I never related it to how I might have looked. I am always told not to smile and that I need to hold my head this way or that. I never thought about why. One thing I have done is to always ware exactly the same shirt and to look exactly the same on every registration. I only ware that shirt on registration day and none of the other 364 days in the year. One can only guess why you would never see me in public in a shirt that color.

  2. John doe
    September 21, 2017 at 11:04 am

    Illinois requires a photo every time you register. I’ve noticed in the 11 years I’ve had to do it. This is maybe 25 photos now. When I dress nice, clean shaven, they don’t like to take a picture. And the few times I’ve had beard scruff or was and looked sickly. Those pictures made it.
    Also I’ve been told several times not to smile. I always put on the biggest smile I can! I’m not breaking any laws. They don’t like to add the smile pictures to the registry. Maybe there’s 5 photos up, throughout the years.


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